Civil War Top 32 Preview

Civil War has solidified itself as the premiere Smash Bros. For Wii U tournament of all time. Amazing story lines going into the event and even more going into the championship Sunday.

With top players like Zero, MkLeo & Void all eliminated before top 32 there is sure to be a outlier as the champion.

Zero’s Curse:

The most consistent player has been everything but in the last two weeks losing to the Japanese Rosalina Kirihara (Currently in winners) at Frame Perfect Series 2 just last week, and getting eliminated by Xzax and a guy named fucking Luhtie. Overall it’s obviously no knock on the undisputed best player in the world but anytime Zero loses the hype is real. Untitled-1.jpg

Top 32 Predictions:

Here are my takes on the top 32 winners side:

C70FaR8VMAE1V9V.jpgEarth vs. Captain Zack: The Japanese pt takes on the 15 yo Bayo player who will certainly dance on Earth’s grave after the 3-0 hes about to serve him. The only reason Earth is in this position is because Zero is out so now he had the path of the number 1 seed in the tournament. All I know is that someone better check the knock back. #0.9

Mr.R vs Nietono: This is a strange match but I think Mr.R will win quite easily I’m thinking like a 3-1 victory, Mr. R was my dark horse pick to win this tournament before it started and now he has a very doable path to victory. But hell probably get like 7th if history means anything.

Locus vs Kirihara: This could be one of the most interesting sets of the whole tourney, the Canadian Ryu player who was responsible for sending Ally too losers in convincing fashion and Kirihara rising alot of momentum beating Zero at FPS2 just last week. I think Kirihara will take it 3-1.

Dabuz vs Shuton: The two olimars will battle in winners with what will be the most boring set in the tourney, Will we see the ditto or will dabuz whip out his main bitch Rosalina. We will have to wait and see but this will be a snore fest for sure, with Shuton taking it 3-2 in a close but boring set.

T vs Tsu: The Japanese team kill will take place in this battle of the mid tiers, Tsu has alot to prove after his a=horrible performance last week at FPS2 which was just one week after his amazing Frostbite run beating Zero in winners finals but eventually losing in one of the best sets of all time in grands( . T plays Link… Tsu will win 3-1.

Hikaru vs Abadango: This is the first time I have seen Hikaru and I love every 70% kill he gets, Beating Void in top 96 Hikaru has stole my heart as my fav DK and looks like DK as well. Aba will probbaly footstool disable him like 5 times and win a close 3-2 set.

Nairo vs. Ranai: This set is a extremely tough one to predict because I don’t see Nairo being able to get his patented ZSS combos off the top on Villager, never the less this will be a great set, two fun characters to watch and similar skill level of players. Im calling the upset Ranai 3-1 over Nairo… Dont @ me. (But you deff should @ssbcommenter)

Komorokiri vs. Fatality: I feel like this set happens every major, IDK if it’s because of seeding or what but Fatality always gets so fucked up by Komo its crazy this is certainly the easier one to call. Komo 3-0.. #Freetalitly


For losers I just really want drunk Anti to take it and be the Mang0 of smash 4 just getting boozed up before every set and not giving a fuck, he beat void faded.. Lmao Anti is that boy.

So thats the winners preview check back later for the Top 8 Takes presented by ssbcommenter peace.



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