Why Armada Really Dropped: Android Is My Brudder

Here I have the true reason why Armada dropped out of Singles for DreamHack Austin.

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 2.48.24 PM.png

Background Info:

So last night Armada tweeted he wasn’t sure about entering in singles because he “Wasn’t sure about his controller or not. Mind you this was right after getting third place in doubles at a very stacked tourney, so right away this is strange because if he did as well as he did in dubs he could certainly try at least in singles. Lets be real Armada could have the most fucked up controller and still dominate all the way until top 8 free.

If Armada was using this shit I would still put 100K on him everyday.

The Conspiracy:

Alright so lets connect the dots here, Armada was legit pissed about Android not getting into Smash Summit 4, like really pissed Armada really wants Android to make it into these invitationals and also climb the MIOM rankings like and good brudder would want.

So how could Android do that, he can’t just take his controller and play for him. But what he can do would be fuck up the bracket in order to improve Androids placing. With Armada dropping out led to some Jim named SFOP to take over the path of the #1 seed. This helps anyone in this path immensely, including Android. Now given he still needs to beat  both Chu and Mike Haze assuming they don’t get upset on the way. Let’s just say if Android can somehow not get wobbled 1,000 times he has a legitimate shot at his best placing in his career at a major event.

Let the record show Android did upset Axe in a close set so the plot thickens lets see if he can beat Chu and Mike..

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 2.44.19 PM.png

Brudderly Love:




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